Monday, February 7, 2011

Here We Go...Believing!

Somehow cooking is by far the favorite activity of my children – both of whom cannot eat the food they cook.

Still, they LOVE the activity, and don’t seem to realize they are being deprived of eating the finished product. There is no doubt the reason for that is that we don’t eat the finished product until after they have gone to bed. I guess it is no different than any other project we do together. When we color a picture or do a puzzle we don’t eat it when we are done!

Cooking with LittleM and LittleR is a bit of a hazardous experience. I let them do most things – well anything that won’t cut or burn them. They come into direct contact with the food every time we cook – no matter how careful or vigilant I am. At times I wonder if I am just plain crazy and then I realize that it is no different than allowing a middle-schooler to do a science experiment with semi-hazardous materials. You have to take safely precautions and be prepared for anything.

The fact that they love cooking so much has actually helped out quite a lot. It used to be that I didn’t even start prepping dinner until after they were in bed between 7 and 8 at night. Now on those days when I endeavor to cook with them, dinner is generally coming out of the oven when we finish tucking them in bed. That is a nice treat. Oddly enough we still have yet to eat a hot meal! So far something has come up each time I plate the hot food – one of the kids needs another song or an extra pacifier. I am certain this is a numbers game and sooner or later we will actually eat a hot meal!

To be completely honest I second guess the decision to let them cook all the time. I often wonder if giving LittleM a play kitchen for Christmas was some strange form of cruelty. But a very large part of the decision to expose them to food in these ways is an exercise in FAITH – believing that they WILL be able to eat food.

I am actually very excited today. The kids cooked with me before nap. We prepared meat sauce for Shawn and I, but while they are napping I will be preparing food for them! We will begin a food trial of grass fed beef bone broth – soup! This is exciting.

I have been waiting in obedience for a long time. I believe that the Lord is telling us to move forward now – with the wisdom and discernment that we have asked for.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. James 1:5-6

Here we go…believing…for a pass on grass fed beef!


  1. Good luck! Ok...I dont believe in luck. So blessings and prayers my friend! I know that they are all so different, but may you find hope in knowing we are only a couple days ahead of you and finding success with our grass fed beef bone broth!

  2. Hi ladies (I'm writing this to both Nicholes) I'm am writing this to find out a little more info on this GAPS diet and the bone broth soup. First of all I'm praying that this is working for you and your little ones. I pray that they are thriving and that you are still excited in this journey of trying to find a way to feed the children you have been blessed with!!

    My little guy was diagnosed with FPIES right before Christmas at 9.5 months. He had 3 shock like reactions to the 3 foods we tried to feed him. Carrots we have found to be "safe" although I haven't given them to him in over a month, as we are trying to get him on a formula that works for the long haul. I believe he has a "chronic" case as he reacts to many things in my diet (right now he is EBF) I have found that with only eating potatoes, homemade bread, some pork and ground beef, he gets rid of most of his reactions. We still suffer from diaherria with mucous. As of right now we have tried and failed Neocate. After 3 weeks of starting off very slowly and only getting up to 3oz. once. We have progressively got worse with our mucous build up...... his whole bronchiole tree is completely full of mucous. Right now we are on antibiotics and puffers as he is coughing and wheezing so much.

    He is will 11 months old next week. We see our allergist, and GI in a month....... they want us to have him eating a few more foods. I'm not so sure as where to start. I've been praying, our family and friends have been praying. I've reading blogs and as much info as possible. A slow start to food with a build up to more is scaring me....... especially now that we have failed our first elemental formula. To give him one (baby) spoon bite of a new food, has sent us to ER twice (the third time we stayed home because I didn't want to hear the run around on how I had to *teach* him how to eat.) Within a week of me praying for guidance on where to start (he is almost one...... he need more than breast milk) I have read you both starting with bone broth....... I'm very interested. Then I get an email from another friend stating that she has a neighbour selling grass feed beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. (We live in a VERY small beach community..... the nearest *big* city 2hrs away) I think this is somewhere I need to start.

    So I guess my questions for you (after my very long winded story) is: Are you following the GAP diet in it's complete form? What book are you taking the diet from and are the recipes in it for everything (ie. yogurt etc)

    I would love any information you might have and want to share!!
    Thank you in advance!!
    Jocelyn (