Monday, February 13, 2012

"Yes Nichole, I Will Heal Them"

I am reading a book about embracing the pain you are facing in order to find the “hidden treasures” that the Lord has for you in that dark place. This book will prepare me for a journey of personal healing from things in my past that have gripped me (on some level) for many years. I think that this season with the health of my children is a pretty dark one. It is by no means the darkest season of my life. Not by a long shot. When I give it a second or two of thought, I can see so many treasures that the Lord has given me in this journey. I know beyond any doubt that I am stronger and more able to hear His voice – as a direct result of this journey.

Again and again I have veered by one degree (or maybe just a few) from the path that the Lord has set us on with the kids’ healing. There have been 3 separate seasons during this journey that I have really implored the Lord to heal the children. I have struggled trying to figure out why He has not done so with just one word, or one breath, or one thought, or a thought of a thought. I know full well that this is all it would take for the creator of the universe to heal them. I have struggled with believing that He will. I have wondered if my lack of (enough) faith was the reason they were not being healed in the way that I was asking. But nevertheless, I have petitioned God three major times and each time have come to hear the same thing.


Hearing these instructions for the third time on January 15th really made me realize that it was time to stop asking and DO. If faith without works is dead than I need to live out my faith in what God has told me, and I need to do it right.

Over the past few months the kids have been very sick. I had veered from the prescribed healing protocol that God so clearly led us to. Not by a lot, but my a little here and a little there. One little step at a time – adding foods that they were not ready for - led us to a cycle of illness and food reactivity. LittleM and LittleR had multiple ear infections, general respiratory infections, stomach bugs, and bronchitis twice (probable pneumonia for LittleR). All of these illnesses took place in just over 2 months. They were never well for more than 4 or 5 days before the next illness set in. This really brought me to a place of fear and questioning - and ultimately petitioning God for that healing zap. What I failed to realize at the time is that we had not gone backward for no reason, but because I had not stuck to the path that had been laid out – BY GOD – for their healing.

It took me three times of hearing God “tell” me to follow this healing protocol for me to realize that he was not saying “no.” He was actually telling me, “Yes Nichole, I will heal your children – just not in the way you are asking me to.”

After realizing this and thinking that I had surrendered to this PROMISE I took the kids to the new immunology and allergy specialist. This was a nightmare! But it showed me yet again where I was not truly surrendering. I was still looking for answers and still trying to figure things out outside of God’s leading. It took 2 more weeks for me to really get it.

On January 29th I knew that something was about to change. LittleR was sick. LittleM’s immune system was actually fighting off this illness – all she wanted to do was sleep, but LittleR was sick. His temperature had reached 102 degrees (this new illness started on the same day we finished antibiotics from the last illness!) I sent out an email to my Mom’s Group for Prayer.

Hello Ladies!

I hope that you all had a blessed day! I have had a very long, difficult day...but a BLESSED day!!

I just want to ask for prayer for M and R. We didn't even finish the antibiotic for R's most recent ear infection when the new illness started. Yesterday afternoon R spiked a fever and it has just progressed from there. It is 102 tonight and he is complaining that his stomach hurts, he seems to be achy (best I can discern), and does not want to eat anything. The doctor thinks it is a virus that is going around. The one thing that concerns me at this point is that the lymph nodes behind his ear (that was just recently ruptured) are VERY swollen. I don't want to see complications with the healing of that eardrum. I did test his hearing by whispering questions to him on that side. With each question I got further away and as quiet as I could - he answered all of them.

God is good - I know we will get through this, in the long run. Right now I am praying that this cycle of illness will be interrupted so that we can get back onto the path of healing that the Lord as marked out for us.

Thanks ladies! Love to you all!


The mom’s emailed back and prayed and a few hours later the Group's mentor, an incredible woman of faith emailed back her prayer.

Father in the Name of Jesus I join Nicole's prayer and I decree and declare in the Name of Jesus that this cycle of illness leave now by the power in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the power in His Blood that was shed at Calvary. I pray that the wind of the Holy Spirit go thru the G. house and clean it of any spirits of infirmity. Amen so be it in Jesus Name. And I ask the Angels of the Lord to stand guard, and protect it from any more intrusion of the enemy.

Love Becky

Becky sent that email at 8:32 p.m. I didn’t check on LittleR until around 10:30 that night, but his fever was gone. It never returned.

Oh – and just in case you were thinking this was just one of those 48 hour bugs – maybe so, but LittleM and LittleR have never had a 24 or 48 hour bug. Actually they have. They have gotten things that for their cousins were, but those same bugs for them always last 10 to 14 day bugs.

Today LittleM and LittleR have been well for 2 weeks and 1 day!


  1. hooray for being well and for the healing power of intercession. onward and upward, eh? ;)

  2. "I know beyond any doubt that I am stronger and more able to hear His voice – as a direct result of this journey." This gave me goose bumps. It is so very true. One thing I will ALWAYS be thankful for, when I look back at FPIES. I too know that God will heal Levi, maybe not the way that I want, and maybe he'll never be able to eat *anything and everything* and maybe he will. But I know for a fact that we will get through these long dark days, and he will grow up eating food, and be strong and healthy.