Monday, May 7, 2012

You Can't Stay Here Mold!

What a month…I feel like that is all I have the energy to say, but there is so much more to be said! If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would say: we found out we have mold (and have confirmed that it is a part of the problem), but I have peace that it is all going to be ok.

It all started when we noticed that the dingy grey discoloration that we had noticed on LittleR’s closet ceiling was spreading. We sent a sample to Mold Labs and sure enough – it was mold. Though a bit disconcerting we didn’t worry too much. We did wonder if this explained why LittleR would always wake up with a “snuffy nose” or if it was part of the reason for all the respiratory distress. We moved LittleR ‘s bed into LittleM’s room and put the kid’s toys in his room. I figured that short exposure to the room during the day would be ok. Wrong.

I had told our immunotherapy tech. what was going on for the purpose of explaining why we had to delay further treatments (you cannot have low dose immunotherapy unless you can ensure that your environment is free of allergens). Two days later I got a call from our now retired physician. His first question really got my attention; “Can you move out?” Ummmmm……No. Realizing that this was so serious that our environmental medicine specialist doc who is retired (he now works one week per month) who we were scheduled to see during his next work week on May 11th called me from “vacation” on April 13th AND ASKED US TO MOVE OUT OF OUR HOME – this really freaked me out.

He told me what to do since we could not move out. I followed his instructions, but still started freaking out inside. We were to seal off the problem rooms entirely, get a GOOD HEPA air purifier and run it in the kid’s bedroom 24/7, support the kid’s immune and respiratory systems with stinging nettle, and FIX THE MOLD. This doctor who isn’t the biggest fan of medications and knows that I am not either told me that if the stinging nettle and homeopathic allergy supplement that we had already started didn’t work we would HAVE to put them on Cingulair in order to prevent a reactive airway cycle like the one we couldn’t seem to get out of all winter.

We started exploring the house to see what was going on with the mold. It didn’t take long to realize that the attack is FULL of it. With all of the exploration we must have stirred up a significant amount of mold, because the kids and I all got sick. I could feel it in my throat and lungs. They started coughing and I just knew we were in for a vicious cycle of respiratory illness. This was bad.

Then I heard from the Lord “loud and clear” in my heart that we were doing what he wanted us to by following the instructions of the doctor. The very day that Doc called me I was looking for a new doctor since he has retired. I was praying – well more like yelling – in my head. Just as I asked, “Who is our new doctor God?” The phone rang and it was Doc about the mold. This was one of many confirmations that we were to follow his instructions. God impressed upon me that discovering this mold was a blessing. This was an opportunity for us to eradicate at least a part of what has been making the twins so sick. The fact that disturbing the mold made them sick was also a blessing. This too confirmed that the mold has in fact been making them sick. One thing that the Lord spoke to me in such a gentle and gracious way is that He would take care of them during this time of waiting (as we gather quotes and wait for the work to be completed). He was been so faithful. The kids came out of the illness amazingly – no reactive airway CYCLE. The mold is still here but with the interventions that the doctor prescribed, the children are well.

Though it took me about 24 hours to get past my panic, I am confident that this is a good thing. I am confident that this is Divine Providence and I declare that because I have made the Lord my refuge, and the Most High my dwelling place, no evil shall befall me, nor any plague or calamity come near my home. You can’t stay here mold. Ha!

I also declare that the effects of the mold – as well as the kid’s immune system dysfunction, and all the other aspects of their illness, have already been defeated and will be overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. And I declare that LittleR and LittleM’s testimony is this: Jesus was wounded for their wrong-doing, Jesus was bruised for their sin; the punishment of their peace upon Jesus, and by HIS stripes LittleM and LittleR are healed.


  1. NICHOLE! It has been WAY to long. I completely forgot I even had made this blog a long time ago, and forgot that I had communication with you through this!!! You have to check this out... I have some exciting news! :)

    Love you!

  2. how did I miss this?! It didnt come up on my google feed. weird. SO glad to hear that at the time you wrote this the kids were well. WHEW. Thank you Jesus!