Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Good Doctor

Over the past decade or so I have become very disenchanted with the medical community. It was really a gradual process. Some time ago I decided that if I had a specific problem it was best to just go straight to a specialist and not waste my time with a primary care doctor. Somewhere along the line this train of thought evolved into an undercurrent of mistrust in the ability of the specialists to figure things out.

Almost two years ago that all changed. I had twins who were in constant pain and the doctors couldn’t fix it – they couldn’t even tell me what “it” was. I was forced to become an advocate for my children. Like other FPIES parents I was forced to spend hours researching my children’s symptoms. My research paid off and eventually they were put on a medical formula which solved our problems for 4.5 months when we started offering them baby foods. And then it all began again. Only this time the uphill battle was more like a “try and fly to the moon” battle.

Then there was this one doctor. His name kept coming back to me from different people – finally I saw him. Before long I realized that the twins needed to see him. He has been their doctor ever since. He has singlehandedly changed my ENTIRE view of the medical community. He doesn’t know everything. He doesn’t know everything that the twins need him to know. Still that is ok. He is willing to admit when he doesn’t have the answer. He is willing to say – “I need to think about this one.” He once told me that he wanted to consult with his colleagues before deciding where to go next. He is willing to LISTEN to me and he knows that I KNOW MY CHILDREN. It is enough for me that this man is an amazing doctor – it really is. But that is not all he is. He is an amazing person. Here is a man who cares enough about my children that he is willing to give them $450 worth of immunotherapy treatments even though we can’t pay for them – with the understanding that if/when things change with our financial situation we will work on the balance due (which over the year will be $2700 – discounted to $2200).

BabyM and BabyR had their treatment today!!! I was so happy to be able to hand the doctor a thank you card with a $100 bill in it. I explained in the card that this money came to us with the purpose of helping with the cost of the treatment and thanked him for his generosity.

This doctor – and amazing person – called me personally to tell me “I just opened this card from you, and thank you for the money, but wouldn’t this money be better put to use in your pocket?” WHAT!!!??? I explained to him again that the money was not expected and had been given to us to pay for the treatment. He just insisted, “I understand that, but we have some rare food trials coming up and the cost of the foods is really an unknown.” He didn’t want to take no for an answer, so I just told him that I have a faith that sustains me and I am certain that it will be provided for, but that deep in my heart I knew that THIS $100 belonged in his pocket. He agreed to keep it – but it was obvious that he really didn’t want to.
This is an amazing man.

Thank you God for sending him into our lives.

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  1. Hi Nichole. It is Christmas Eve and I find myself thinking of you...I hope that your day is WONDERFUL tomorrow and that you are able to enjoy every minute of it. :) Merry Christmas my sweet cousin. I will keep Mari & Ryker in my prayers that this new therapy will be EXACTLY what they are needing! Keep up the postings! Reading them makes me feel closer to you...I always sit down with a cup of coffee or a Diet Dr Pepper when I see a new post...
    With Love,
    Heather and the other Boykins