Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Faith Gesture

So, Shawn and I have had a $100 bill in a drawer in our kitchen since June. We have left it there – knowing that there would come a time when we would need it.

When we got the news that we needed to change the kids immunotherapy to an injection (making it no longer free) instead of the experimental administration, we knew we would have to come up with a lot of money. Then when the kids’ doctor said he would keep giving the therapy for free for as long as it took for us to pay him, I knew what that $100 was for. I wanted to put the money in a card and give it to him as a “good faith gesture.” Shawn and I decided that it what we would do…then I began having second thoughts about it. I knew we were going to need to buy heating oil soon. As I was entertaining these thoughts I was driving to the post office to get the mail.

The following two emails tell the story better than I could re-tell it:

Email from Me to my cousin Heather
December 20 at 9:42pm

Hello Cousin.
I don't even know what to say to you. I am just so humbled and grateful to you for your gift!!!!! How unexpected. When I opened your card and reached in I felt the photo card and a piece of paper - which I thought was a note. After I looked at your card and SMILED at your beautiful family (Suzanna looks like her daddy doesn't she??) I looked at the "note" and was just silent for a few moments.


You have just given us the first payment toward the kid's treatment that we can't afford. Thank God we have a doctor who will give it to them even while we are coming up with the money and not make them wait. I will be bringing your $100 with me to the appointment on Wednesday. I really think it will show the doctor that we intend to pay him. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you! I so wish we lived closer to one another. I would like to be able to see your little ones and meet Sean. Hopefully someday that wish will come true.

I hope to be able to report BIG things soon. Isn't it amazing how God will bring you right to the end of yourself and suddenly there is breakthrough? That is what happened over the past 2 weeks. He really did give me ALL that I could handle and then suddenly I could see his hand in all of it.

Well Cuz - have a BLESSED Christmas. I hope you get our card soon so you can see the cutie babies!


Email from Heather to Me
December 22 at 12:37am

Hi Nichole!
I got your msg. I read your new post on your blog earlier this week and I was so happy to see that some BIG things were done for your family this week...and I was GIGGLING because I felt that I had an inside joke with Jesus while reading it...HE laid you on my heart last week. Deeper than usual. I carried you close. HE led me to send that check. I made that money at one of my jewelry parties. I was so happy to be able to give it to you. I know $100 goes like a blink, but every $1 counts! Shoot, every DIME counts! I just want to tell you though that this gift WAS from Jesus. Honestly, he allowed me to make that $100 that night and send it to you. He worked out things for ME to be able to... Our God is such an awesome God. I was reading in Luke 11 today of how an earthly father is a sinner and yet if his son asks for a fish, he would not give him a snake...and if he asks for an egg, would not give him a goes on to say THINK how much more your HEAVENLY father gives to you when you ask....that whole TIMING thing is the hardest part for me....especially when it involves those we love...

Anyway, it is late so I am are most welcome my dear for the gift...but as I said... I was simply the messenger. I must say that my reward for listening is GREAT though. I LOVE to be used by the Spirit!

Yours, Heather


  1. Tears Nichole...thanks for sharing your story's of inspiration, trust and the lives you touch and that touch yours/the twins.
    Hang in there and please keep us posted on how their treatments go.

  2. This really touched my heart Nichole. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful doctor you have! I'm so glad the twins were able to start their treatments, regardless of the money. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Heather