Friday, May 27, 2011

A Beautiful, Timely, Perfect Symphony

It’s funny how sometimes the slightest variation in perspective can really change the way you see things.

For months we have known that our food expenditures were surpassing our food budget, but with the very specific kinds of foods that we have needed to buy, we have not had much of a choice. Thankfully we have always been able to cover the expense one way or another.

Just this week, we realized that beginning next month our car would be paid off and we would have about $115 “extra” per month. Believe it or not, this was actually frustrating to me because, wouldn’t you know, we would have to allocate the extra money (at least in part) to balancing our food budget. I was frustrated because every time without fail that we have had money free-up in our budget there has been something else that swoops right in and gobbles it up. God has been teaching Shawn and me all about relying on him for our finances ever since we have been married. Honestly God has provided for us in some really amazing and creative ways. I am certainly not blind to the fact that he stretches a very meager one income VERY far beyond the economy of this world.

***As an example: We live in a home that we rent from relatives of a relative. This is a 3 bedroom ranch home with a full finished basement, two car garage, rear patio…in a quiet family friendly college town…so how much should this cost??? I would estimate at least $1200 per month. We could NOT afford a rent like this. It is difficult to really imagine how we would afford a large enough rental for the four of us to live comfortably based on the economy of our income. By the grace of God, we pay a fraction of the market price for this rental. This is just ONE example of how God stretches our meager income each and every month.***

Still, yesterday as I was going over the new budget with Shawn, I was frustrated. “Why is it that every time we get ahead with our finances we are still at zero. What is God trying to teach us,” I asked? As Shawn encouraged me that it wouldn’t be like this forever (he finished his bachelors this summer!), a little bit of perspective popped into my head. I realized that our food NEEDS at this point stretch beyond the amount that we have been exceeding our food budget. I realized that my kids are EATING REAL FOOD – that in the months to come we would need to be buying enough food to sustain TWO MORE PEOPLE. Since the “million dollar formula” is covered by our insurance, there would be no money to reallocate to real food once they are done with the formula.

Did I just say that…DONE WITH THE FORMULA????

Suddenly I was in awe of God’s provision for my family once again. Shawn and I talked about how if the car had been paid off earlier (we almost paid it off with last year’s tax return) that money would already have been reallocated to something else. In that moment it was as if we could SEE The Great Conductor’s hand gracefully moving his baton bringing a beautiful, timely, perfect symphony to our ears.

Suddenly we realized that $115 a month will probably feed a couple of 2 year olds on the GAPS protocol perfectly.


  1. This post is great timing for me and so encouraging! The biggest blow to our budget came when we took Ellie off the formula and put her on GAPS. But we had to step back and say wait a minute! We are FEEDING her! Great picture of the twins. And love how God is so obviously taking care of you...and THEM. He does loves us all so individually, doesn't He? :)

  2. Hi Nichole! I have been reading your blog for a few months now, particularly interested in & encouraged by your faith & your willingness to step outside the box with your twins & their diets. I have a 3 year old with short bowel syndrome & can't help but wonder how he would do with real foods, the foods that God has given us that our bodies are meant to process, rather than medical foods despite my son's diagnosis & the doctor's suggestions. I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to write about everything that you are going through. Your blog has been such a blessing & encouragement to me. I read your post entitled, "they will place their hands on the sick & they will recover" with tears streaming down my face. Bless you and your family!