Monday, May 16, 2011

Wait and Walk

Soup...It's what's for dinner...and breakfast...and lunch....and snack...

LittleM and LittleR have been eating soup and soup broth now for 7 days. My intention had been to cook the soup, but strain off the vegetables and give them the broth. This would include the nutrients and at least some of the proteins (the reaction causing component of any food) to remain in the food, while removing the fibrous part of the vegetables which can be too harsh on damaged gut walls. Apparently LittleR was not interested in that scenario. He begged for soup.

So…at 10:15 in the morning that is what he got. Both of the little ones climbed up into their chairs and buckled themselves in and kept on asking until the food was on the table. LittleR asked for 4 helpings! LittleM was a little more conservative, but consumed at least some of everything.

Both of the twins enjoy chewing, but would rather get a new piece to chew than take the time and put in the effort to swallow. Not only does this cause a mess, and waste a lot of their very expensive food, but it also means they are not getting the calories from the food that they need (in order to transition from the formula). Within the next few weeks they will be seeing a new occupational therapist to evaluate the problem…is this functional/physiological or is it behavioral?

So what happened?

LittleM has not been all that interested in eating more of her soup so I have had to get it into her by using it to mix her formula (instead of water). Day 2 was a bit interesting as she insisted that she needed to go “poopy” many times throughout the day, but each time sat down to pass some gas and that was it. It was a bit nerve-racking to wonder if she was going to have an explosive poop reaction, but with each worry, I just handed it over to God and trusted that this was the road he wanted us to be walking on. We just had to wait and walk.

LittleR has been VERY interested in eating his soup. He will ask for 3 or 4 servings each time he has it. At this point he has a yeasty diaper rash (caused by die-off of the bad organisms in his gut) but that is it!

I can’t say it has been easy to jump into this. This goes against everything that an FPIES momma knows. When we offer new foods we do it one at a time. We almost always see some signs of a reacting and have to determine the cause and decide if we will continue on or stop the trial. Trialing this many foods at once is just…well…crazy. Pushing through these “symptoms” that the twins are experiencing is counter-intuitive. All I can say is that I believe God has done some healing work in them and that He will be walking one step ahead of us preparing the way.

We just have to wait and walk.

So What's Next?

We will be waiting for the die-off symptoms to subside and then introducing fresh egg yolk from pastured (non-soy fed) hens. I anticipate this will be sometime this week. Once they maintain baseline from any further die-off with the egg yolk we will add in raw yogurt or sour cream from grass-fed goats.

This is exciting – but handing the worry over to God is a moment by moment reality.


  1. Love this picture of the happy soup eaters! So cute!

  2. LOVE this post!!
    These 2 will have an amazing healing story to share with the world!! God is so good!!


  3. Thank you, Jesus!!! We love you soooooo much!! You surely NEVER leave us nor forsake us!!

  4. ok these pictures actually made me cry. This is SO fantastic. Thank you JESUS. I had no idea they were using the potty? And to see them so eager at the table? I am so thrilled!!!

  5. Ok...I love you FPIES mommas. Not even in a "you're so great sort of way." No, I truly love you. The Lord has brought you into my life at a time when I felt so alone and just knew that there was no one who could truly understand much less truly feel what I was going through. I know that there are so many people who are rejoicing with us, but you ladies can truly feel this. I am humbled at the emotion and true care that you have for my children and our situation. I have the same for each of you. Thank you, and in Christ, I love you.

  6. BTW, Nichole LittleM is potty training, but will ONLY do number 2 on the potty because of the trauma of all the pre-broth constipation. Only one accident today so far!!

  7. LOVE LOVE the 'blessed foods' list!