Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The New Plan

There has been a new turn of event in our little house. After some thoughtful deliberations we have decided to begin family dinners. Shawn and I discussed the “sacrifice” of a fairly boring diet as it complements our desire and ability to begin eating meals together as a family (while still limiting LittleM and LittleR’s exposure to foods that they cannot have). Honestly as we thought about what our menu would look like; it became clear that this was a “no-brainer.”

Up until now we have made sure that the kids ONLY consume grass-fed meats (they have reacted to soy-fed poultry; corn fed poultry is questionable), but as for Shawn and I all bets-were-off. We generally eat grass-fed beef, but everything else has been conventional due to the increased costs of quality meat.

Over the past couple of months that the kids have been able to eat multiple foods, we have cooked them dinner in the evening. I would pull meat off of the bone in their bone broth and then boil a 2 or 3 vegetable to go with it. Then I would have to cook dinner for Shawn and me once the kids were in bed. Many night we wouldn’t eat until 9pm. When I talk about not having time to get things done I have not been kidding. After cooking and eating dinner and clean-up we finally finish the night off at or after 10pm. This has been exhausting, but worth it. The relationship the kids have with food is worth it. The fact that they have NO idea they are denied such a large part of a normal life…they have just not felt the sting of this in their short little lives. This has been worth it. But wow – I am tired!

The New Plan:

Tonight will be the 3rd night of family dinner! WOOOHOOOO! When I say family dinner I am talking about the four of us eating the same thing…well at least to the same extent as any “normal” family. In many families the kids plates don’t look exactly like the adults simply because the kids don’t like certain foods – right?

Well, we will have to cook dinners that are very simple and pure. Shawn and I will still use different sauces and marinades that will not be on the kid’s foods, BUT I am preparing these from scratch with ingredients that are allowed on the protocol that we are doing with them. The idea is that down the road when they are allowed to have the ingredients we will be able to build meals that are EXACTLY the same. There are certain things that I will continue to cook for Shawn and I that the kids cannot have, but we will limit their exposure to these foods in simple ways – like positioning the plate with these foods out of sight or reach. I am not worried about them seeing these foods – to the contrary – I think seeing other pure foods that they may be able to have in the future is good for them. My goal is really for us to be eating very similar meals – TOGETHER!

Yesterday for the first time EVER LittleM and LittleR were allowed to eat off Mommy and Daddy’s plates. I just really cannot describe the feeling.

Thank you God.

The Food: Theirs/Ours

July 4th - Day 1

Dippy Meat (meat with pureed carrot “sauce”) / BBQ Chicken

Boiled Zucchini Sticks / Seasoned Grilled Zucchini

Boiled “Cole Slaw” / Honey Raisin Cole Slaw

One bite of lettuce (No harm here they won’t swallow it yet!) / Salad

July 5th – Day 2

Boiled Garlic & Ginger Salmon / Grilled Garlic & Ginger Salmon

Carrot “Fries” / Sweet Potato Grill Fries

Boiled Broccoli / Boiled Brocolli

Tonight’s Menu

Boiled Mini-Hamburgers / Grilled Hamburgers (no bun)

Boiled Sliced Onions / Fried Onions

Butternut Squash Puree / Honey Grilled Butternut Squash

Boiled Peas / Boiled Peas


  1. This is so exciting!! yippee for family dinners!!
    So happy to hear!!

    Hugs to you all!!

  2. So happy for your family! I am amazed at how much the kids are eating now. Once I get back to Cali we are planning to work along the same plan :)


  3. Thanks ladies!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!