Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today Was Different

Today was a long, but good day.

I woke up late – thanks to the little ones who let me sleep in this morning! That being the case, every moment between waking up and getting out the door was spent preparing food, diaper bags, nap gear for LittleR and an entertainment bag for LittleM. Somehow we managed to get out the door on time to drop LittleR off at his aunt’s house for the day.

LittleM and I started off on our journey 2 hours away to Drexel Hill, PA (just outside Philly). In my usual manner we showed up about 20 minutes early…oh wait…I am never early – this was a good start!

LittleM has no idea that we were going to see a doctor for her tongue. Usually I prep her for appointment so that she knows what to expect, but the last appointment was so awful that I decided not to let the anxiety build. I didn’t tell her until we were walking back to the exam room. She was not all that impressed, but seemed to breathe easy when I told her that I would go first. “Just like Dr. B.” she said.

**Yesterday, LittleM was adjusted for the first time by our favorite chiropractor, Dr. B….just like mommy!**

About a week ago LittleM saw an ENT to help us figure out why she can’t swallow. Her OT wanted us to rule out a tongue tie. The ENT was very nice, but expected this 2.5 year old to behave like a 25 year old, and when that didn’t work out he just decided he was going to use a tongue depressor an assistant (to hold LittleM down) and look in her mouth whether she liked it or not. When he put his finger in her mouth to feel under her tongue she BIT HIM! GOOD GIRL! Is it really any wonder that he didn’t feel anything!!!??? Although he said there was no tongue tie I certainly didn’t feel confident that we had truly ruled it out.

Six weeks ago LittleM say a maxiofacial surgeon. Even worse…he didn’t even try to feel in her mouth. He didn’t even LOOK in her mouth. Still, he was somehow able to rule out a tongue tie. Ok this was just a colossal waste of our time – and LittleM’s medical patience.

BUT TODAY…Today was different. Dr. Penny Soppas is well known for her work with tongue tie. She is a pediatrician and a lactation consultant. Upon researching tongue tie her name came up in more than one place. It seems that people drive much greater distances than we did for her expertise. The only drawback I could see is that she most often sees and treats infants who are having difficulties feeding and nursing. Well I guess in hindsight we should have been in to see her a LONG time ago.

The Appointment:

Dr. Soppas was patient with LittleM. She gently followed my lead when I told LittleM that mommy would go first. She allowed me to talk LittleM through each step, and didn’t try to force LittleM to cooperate. She didn’t try to act like she had all the answers.

The Verdict:

Yup, I liked her. Dr. S. (as LittleM called her) said that she couldn’t rule out a tongue tie. She told me that she wanted to bring LittleM.’s case to a “council” of tongue tie professionals and brainstorm on where to go next. She talked about a couple of other doctors who we may want to see, but never dismissed us. This was a good day.

The Hope:

For the first time since we started this quest to rule-out a tongue tie, I feel hopeful. I feel like we have someone working alongside us who knows where to go and what to do next. We have had the proverbial door slammed in our faces on this one for a few months and this is progress.

The Follow-up:

This evening after a very long trip home and a very long night trying to get two wired kids to bed I settled in and checked my email:

Hi Mrs G,

The more I think about [LittleM.’s] swallowing dysfunction the more I think that posterior tongue-tie is a major factor. I'm sorry I was not able to view or copy your videos today. I was thinking that it might be hard to send those videos if they are large. There is a free program that allows you to send large attachments called "cutesendit" which you can search for and download. I look forward to viewing those videos and consulting with the doctors and therapists in the International Association of Tongue-tie Professionals.

Thank you,

Penny Soppas MD, IBCLC
Drexel Hill Pediatric Associates

Thank you God for your leading stride. I pray that you lead and direct us. Grant us your wisdom and understanding to navigate this next step for LittleM. She is in your hands Father…Jehovah Rapha.

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  1. the International Association of Tongue-tie Professionals????? OK sign me (or Moriah) up for that!
    SO glad it went well! hooray! Looking forward to chatting more with you about the chiropractor experience...we are getting ready to start that with Ellie. oh and just so I could REALLY be like you, she ate a raisin last Friday :P