Thursday, September 8, 2011

Manna From Heaven...One Day at a Time

I am sitting here tonight in the beginning stages of planning for a two week trip to Maine. Yikes. The juicer, the Vitamix, soy free eggs, grass fed ghee, raw sauerkraut juice, soy free chicken (heads and feet too!), grass fed meat, bones, organic apples, the list goes on and on.

How am I going to fit this all in a little Saturn Ion?

This is not even to begin planning for our clothes and personal items.

I repeat…YIKES.

What a different place we are in though right? A year ago at this point in time LittleM and LittleR had ZERO foods. That’s right none. They had been getting goat cheese, but after the summer trip to Maine we had to pull it since they began reacting to it. In hindsight we realized that they may not have been reacting, but may have been experiencing die-off from the goat yogurt we has started giving them in Maine.

In any event, we pulled it and they were left with no foods. It wasn’t until late September (2010) that carrots came on the scene, but today – 2011…today we have about 27 foods. TWENTY-SEVEN FOODS!!!!!!!

Thanks to the unmistakable leading of the Lord, we have been introduced to the GAPS protocol. Thanks to this protocol and the grace of God the kids are experiencing healing and are eating! Each time I have become impatient and veered off of the prescribed protocol they have reacted, but as long as we have followed the protocol – they are well – no reaction and eating lots of food! This brings me to the belief that God has impressed upon my heart. As we step out in faith and take each next step of this protocol He has brought to us – HE will prepare the way…one step in front of us. HE will make their little bodies ready. AND HE HAS. In my impatience I have tested this theory, and each time I have seen it to be true. There are times when taking one of these steps in faith has seemed impossible - too scary, but in faith we have taken moved forward through the fear. There have been other times when waiting seems impossible and I have gotten ahead of myself (feeding them raisins even though it is not time). As I realized my misstep and corrected our path, healing and peace has continued to come to their bodies.

Honestly I feel like I am gathering manna from heaven – just enough for the day. If I gather too much – trying to store up what we need – do this in my own strength – it just spoils. For whatever reason, the Lord has us leaning on him daily, and not just for the normal things like faith, grace, love, wisdom, understanding, but the normal everyday thingslike feeding our children. This really is like the manna, isn’t it?


Help me to rely on you every day. Help me to give LittleM and LittleR over to you each day. I know that you loved them even before I did (Psalm 139:13).

I know that you have their best interest in your heart (Isaiah 41:10, 13). I know that you have I given them to me as a reward (Psalm 127:3). I know that you have a future and a hope for them (Jeremiah 29:11). I know that things are not always going to be the way I think they should be or the way I want them to be and yet you are still in control (Proverbs 3:5-6). Give me the courage, strength (Philippians 4:13) and faith (Hebrews 12:2) to lay it all at your feet just the same (1 Peter 5:7). Help me to walk in faith (Mark 9:24) and obedience following your prompting (John 14:16-17) to wait (Psalm 27:14) and act (Proverbs 2:6) in the season (Ecclesiastes 3:1) that you appoint. Thank you, that you are not a far-off and distant God (Hebrews 4:16). Thank you, that as I call on you and seek your face with all of my heart, YOU WILL BE FOUND BY ME (Jeremiah 29:13).


***Now to pack the car. Ha ha!***

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  1. would you STOP reducing me to tears everytime I read your posts! geesh! I feel like I could write this....well not the 27 foods part, but the manna! Oh what a great illustration. Thank you Lord for provisions....thank you for feeding or children! (and good luck on your trip! )