Friday, August 19, 2011

LittleM Will One Day Have Her Cookies

“God’s gonna heal your belly and then you can have cookies.”

This has been LittleM’s favorite saying lately. Since being able to eat more foods we have allowed the kids to be exposed more “normal” foods and meals – mostly at my brother’s house. They are especially intrigued by the foods they often see their cousin LittleK eat since he is only a few weeks younger than they are. Interestingly, they are pretty good about not being able to have the same foods as the other kids. They may ask for them from time to time and LittleM may try to eat scraps and crumbs that she hunts down on the floor, but other than that they are willing to accept that their “bellies need to heal” before they can have many foods they see.

At this point we are experiencing out first food fail since starting the GAPS protocol. We add so many foods at a time that I am not even positive which food we are failing. It could be beets, spinach, apple juice, or raisins. Honestly as I am sitting here writing there is this little nagging feeling in my gut as I am reminded of what I know God has told me in this. I am certain that God has brought us into the light at the end of this tunnel, but I am also certain that He has us following the GAPS protocol. I have “heard” Him tell me that He will go one step ahead of us in this and prepare the way. The feeling that has gone along with that is that we are to obedient and stick to the protocol. So what is outside the protocol?

Raisins. I gave them raisins in a moment of weakness – just wanting to give my children something normal and tasty to snack on. And they LOVED them. They began asking for them all the time. So what’s the big deal? Raisins are on the full GAPS diet, but at this point in the protocol they may just be too much for the intestines to handle.

I feel pretty silly as I am writing this now. We have to give them raw egg yolk – because if we cook it – it is too difficult to digest. We have to give them the juice of certain vegetables and apples – because if they eat the whole fruit – it will be too difficult to digest. We are only allowed to give them boiled foods – because if they eat them raw or cooked by other methods – they will be too difficult to digest.

Well, I certainly feel like I have come up with the answer I have been seeking. I am guessing that the raisins have compromised the intestines and interrupted the cycle of digestion and ultimately I am not sure how much damage has been done – has this caused a reaction to one of the new foods? I am not certain. I am however certain that the raisins are out…for now.

Sometimes it is just so hard to deny your children SO much. I am so grateful for all that they are able to eat now. I have said for so long that if they could only ever eat 10 foods we could deal with that. It was just always the not knowing that was too much. Well, here we are today and we have passed the 10 food mark. This is a good thing!

I KNOW that God is faithful and that He will be true to his word. I know that as we follow the protocol He will prepare their bodies – and on the other side – there will be a complete healing.

I know LittleM will one day have her cookies.

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  1. ok. Came on to catch up and the first line of this post made me cry. There are very few 'food' words that Ellie says: eat, carrot, soup, water, ice. Those are about it. The last week or so she began another: cookie. How does she know when she has never had one? It makes my heart hurt. It is so hard to deny them isnt it? Keep up the good work mama. Hang tight to those promises, and what you see and know to be the truth through GAPS. I decided we have one major thing going for us: we already chose God. And He isnt exactly the mainstream norm in the box. So what neither is FPIES and GAPS. It doesnt mean it isnt the answer, and it doesnt mean it isnt the solution. You are right. One day they will both have their cookies. :)