Monday, August 6, 2012

The Beautiful Act of Cleaning the Broth Pot

For the past year and a half we have cooked more broth than I can really even figure out. Until recently my process was to pretty much keep the broth pot on the stove all the time. I would then blend a couple of “bottles” worth of meat/broth formula for each of the twins as needed. This was not really the adhering to the “work smarter not harder” train of thought. It was more of a “head above water” train of thought. Recently, as we moved in with my in-laws I realized that we really had to get a better process going since we would be sharing the kitchen.

Here we are about a month later and the process is quite a bit better. We cook a pot of broth and meat and then blend two days worth of formula all at one time. After this big blending job is done the hefty stock pot gets a much deserved rest on the baker’s rack. But the effort to get “old faithful” onto that baker’s rack has been a much dreaded effort for me. At some point over the last year and a half I have come to DESPISE cleaning this thing. The very thought of it was part of the reason I used to leave the thing on the stove all the time rather than blending the contents all at one time. It had gotten so bad that I pretty much refused to clean it and asked Shawn to be the official broth pot cleaner.

About a week ago something occurred to me that changed all of this. I am certain that it was that “still small voice” of the Holy Spirit in me – challenging me. I suddenly had a change of perspective. I realized that in reality the act of cleaning this dirty broth pot was really such a joyous honor. This pot that is instrumental in nourishing my children…this pot that nurtures the very “medicine” that is healing my children’s bodies…this pot is akin to the “hearth” in our home – the place where we gather as a family for warmth and togetherness. No, we don’t actually gather around the broth pot. Ha! But this pot – it is beautiful, and the act of cleaning it – the same! It has only needed to be cleaned twice since this great realization, but both of those times I thanked the Lord not just for the pot, but also for the opportunity to clean it again.


A few days ago my sister told me of a couple who shared their story in her church recently. When she told me that she gave them this blog address I thought, “Oh no.” Not that I didn’t want her to pass on the information, but their story…it makes the struggles we have faced seem so insignificant and writing about them, well, almost silly. This couple’s 10 month old baby had a degenerative condition. I believe they were told that their precious little girl would not live past the age of two.

Today I got word to pray for this family as their little girl went to be with Jesus.


Though I was already writing this blog post and had already decided that cleaning the broth pot would be an act of joy, the sobering reality of how blessed we are is overwhelming. The fact of the matter is that for some reason LittleM and LittleR were born with a rare and strange condition – a serious condition, BUT they are growing, healing, and even thriving. I am so thankful for the ways in which the Holy Spirit has changed my heart over the last year, but I am truly ashamed for some of the attitudes I held onto.

The broth pot --- case in point.

Please pray for BabyP’s family.


  1. It may mean nothing, but when you talked of washing the broth pot, I equated it with washing the feet of Jesus. Both, to most people, would be an unpleasant chore. But it truly is an honor.

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    1. Three and a half years later. children fully healed. ..this still humbles me. Thank you Lord.